“My work is very intuitive and relies on observation, past memory of emotions, people or places. Using both colour and form I am attempting to explore the human condition with all its strengths and frailties.” – Henry Jabbour

Henry Jabbour is a painter and a printmaker whose distinctive practice usually revolves around depicting the human figure. With a particular interest in the emotive qualities of gesture, the artist experiments with different methods of mark-making as well as colour and tone to explore various means of representation. The artist works primarily in oils but uses the technicalities of drawing and printmaking to further inform his work, fascinated with the way different media interlink and have influence on one another.


Often either painting, printing or drawing a solitary figure or portrait, Jabbour’s practice combines observation with memory and intuition. There is a palpable preoccupation with time and transience in his work, gently guided by recollection. His lithographic figures are almost shadow-like; depictions that are fleeting, vulnerable, and obscured with darkness.