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Love and Light- Charcoal and Pink by Dan Baldwin. Signed Limited Edition of 20
Love and Light- Lilac and Blush Pink exciting new silkscreen edition by Dan Baldwin. Part of Dan's Love and Light series.
CCA Galleries are delighted to present exciting new silkscreen editions by Dan Baldwin. His Love and Light series came about from a one-day project for CALM charity (Campaign Against Living Miserably) in 2018. In this series, Baldwin released a small, singular three-way colour combination of the swallow. The title Love and Light was chosen as a reminder to remain on the positive side of life. A year later, he worked with CALM again, this time collaborating with designer Mercy Delta to create a repeat-patterned silk shirt with the swallow from the Love and Light print.
A special release; Bed Springs by Mona Hatoum. "The artist has decided to lower the price of her print in order to raise much needed funds for the NHS in the current health crisis” We are now selling this unique work for £1000 Bed Springs (blue) signed limited edition lithograph print by Mona Hatoum made especially for the NHS 70th Anniversary Portfolio. Lithograph on 400gsm Somerset tub. "As an artist who often uses furniture and everyday objects in my work, for this print project I felt it appropriate to make a specific reference to beds. The image is created using bed springs that have been removed from the confinement of the metal bed frame and placed on a sheet of paper. I then sprayed over the springs with a spray can to create a negative image to achieve a photogram or an X-ray-like image. For the final lithographic print, I decided to use blue ink in order for it to resemble a photographic cyanotype print. I was very happy to be invited to contribute to this print project to support the NHS, such a neccessary and worthy service." - Mona Hatoum © Mona Hatoum. Courtesy Worton Hall Studios "The 70th anniversary is an opportunity to appreciate the vital role the NHS plays in people's lives, and to recognise and thank the extraordinary NHS staff who are there to guide, support and provide care, day in, day out. We hope that this portfolio is a fitting tribute, and the funds raised continue to support the incredible work of the service for years to come." - Imperial Health Charity For further details for the entire portfolio edition visit www.ccagalleries.com
Presenting Arctic Glacier new silkscreen edition by Barbara Rae RA made at Worton Hall Studios. Now available for sale via the CCA Galleries website or by contacting the office. Each one is hand printed and created by the artist. Barbara’s unique marks and textures and brush strokes are applied directly to the true grain and transferred to the screens, together with application of numerous layers of colour through transparent, opaque and metallic inks has created images which transport the viewer into the very depths of this arctic landscape. As Barbara writes; Commencing in 2015, I undertook four voyages following the route of the fabled North West Passage. The search for the elusive route to the east took many lives and was an obsession by countries eager to be first to form a new trade route to eastern markets. I followed the desired route of the English explorer, John Franklin whose futile and ill prepared expedition ended in the loss of all lives. My namesake, Dr John Rae, was sent out to find what fate befell them. That was the motivation for my travels. I was fascinated by this immense, desolate landscape, the home of the Inuit, and the thought of these English seamen, completely unaware of their chances of survival in this harsh, alien environment. These majestic immense glaciers and icebergs in their quiet, silent world were compelling dramatic presences which in my mind contained the history of the futile struggle to tame the Arctic. Barbara Rae 2020 For more details and to discuss these works, please call CCA Galleries 01252 797201 or email us info@ccagalleries.com We are currently here at the offices to take enquiries and orders.
Thank you NHS! Celebrating the amazing work of our doctors and nurses the NHS 70th Anniversary Portfolio was released in 2018 to raise funds to support the incredible work of the service. SWIPE TO SEE MORE ARTWORK 👉 🚑 @ NHS

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