British contemporary sculptor Nic Fiddian-Green (b. 1963, Hampshire) is recognised worldwide as a highly accomplished and innovative equestrian sculptor, working in bronze, lead, marble and copper. Fiddian-Green graduated with a BA in Sculpture from Wimbledon College of Art, and subsequently an MA at Central St Martin’s College of Art where he focused on lost wax casting. As a student, Fiddian-Green was inspired by the Elgin Marbles held at the British Museum in 1983, in particular the iconic 5th century BC marble sculpture of Selene Horse of the Parthenon. Fiddian saw the work as embodying the most refined ideals of Greek and Classical art and as a benchmark for balance and proportion, and consequently became a major influence in the course of his career.


One of his most significant pieces, the 12-meter bronze sculpture ‘Still Water’ at Marble Arch in London (installed in 2011), represents the subject and sculptural composition the artist has come to centre his practice around since his artistic career began. The permanent fixture is recognised as the largest free-standing bronze sculpture in London and has become a much-loved landmark within the capital. Fiddian-Green’s works have been installed in a number of other prestigious venues, including Royal Ascot, Goodwood, Glyndebourne, and Southwark Cathedral. The artist nurtures a growing international reputation, with his other monumental bronze horses held in private and public collections across Australia, Russia, Hong Kong, Italy, Russia, the Middle East, and the United States.  


The artist currently lives and works in Surrey.