“I’m drawn to the dark and that is what I want to explore. I want viewers to experience that darkness and see a side of themselves in it.” – Maxim

Maxim’s artwork explores the darker side of humanity, often flirting with ideas of beauty, decay and horror. The artist creates dark, stormy dreamscapes filled with thunderous clouds, bolts of light, and electrifying symbolism. The butterfly becomes a reoccurring motif in his work, escaping the darkness, often armed with a weapon of its own. Whether representative of life, death, or reincarnation, the artist encourages his viewers to explore this concept of darkness with him, stating: “It’s about going deeper, mining something, swirling around in the storm, in the madness”.


Maxim works with various media, including paint, sculpture and ceramics, often incorporating found objects into his work such as bullets, blades, pills, tar and spray paint. He tends to finish his original pieces with resin, locking a world of chaos into the artwork.